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Original title:
Of Mice and Men

Made in:
USA 1992

111 min.

on video 30-03-2001

Review read:
5676 times

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Of Mice and Men

This moving tragedy is set in California during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The small, intelligent George and the strong, retarded Lennie have a unique friendship. They are migrant workers travelling from farm to farm, but they have a dream of something better, a place of their own. However, their plans are always thwarted as Lennie keeps getting them into trouble because he cannot control his enormous strength.
   The first adaptition of Of Mice and Men has received much praise, which makes this version seem a bit superfluous even though it is excellent. The 1992-version is quite faithful to the novel, but there are some changes. For instance the character of George plays a greater part, which is no wonder as director Gary Sinise also plays the part. The novel's obvious misogynism has also disappeared, which almost goes without saying during this politically correct age. The intriguing femme fatale has been replaced by a desperate and lonely girl.

Directed by:
Gary Sinise

Written by:
Horton Foote from a novel by John Steinbeck.

John MalkovichLennie Small
Gary SiniseGeorge
Ray WalstonCandy
Casey SiemaszkoCurley
Sherilyn FennCurley's wife
John TerrySlim
Richard RiehleCarlson
Alexis ArquetteWhit
Joe MortonCrooks
Noble WillinghamThe boss


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