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Original title:
Message in a Bottle

Made in:
USA 1999

131 min.

on TV 21-05-2001

Review read:
88983 times

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This movie is rated 4 from 8...This movie is rated 4 from 8...This movie is rated 4 from 8...This movie is rated 4 from 8...This movie is rated 4 from 8...This movie is rated 4 from 8...This movie is rated 4 from 8...This movie is rated 4 from 8...

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Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle is an overlong romantic melodrama, which seems to exist for one purpose only: to make you cry your eyes out. This is a tearjerker if I ever saw one.
   Theresa Osborne is a journalist at the Chicago Tribune. On a walk by the sea she finds a bottle, the content of which is a romantic and moving love letter. After she has showed it to the people at work, her boss prints the letter. It turns out that other botttles containing similar messages to a woman named Catherine have been found.
   After a thorough search Theresa finds the author of the letters. His name is Garret Blake. Theresa travels to the small coastal where he lives. She fell in love with his letters, and now inevitably she falls in love with the man. Unfortunately, he cannot get over the death of his wife Catherine two years back. She was and still is the love of his life.

Directed by:
Luis Mandoki

Written by:
Gerald DiPego from a novel by Nicholas Sparks.

Kevin CostnerGarret Blake
Robin WrightTheresa Osborne
Paul NewmanDodge Blake
John SavageJohnny Land
Illeana DouglasLina Paul
Robbie ColtraneCharlie Toschi


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