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Original title:

Made in:
USA 2001

124 min.

on DVD 26-12-2001

Review read:
89295 times

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Heartbreakers is an entertaining comedy about a mother and a daughter who con wealthy single men. Sigourney Weaver who plays the experienced and ruthless golddigger Max easily overshadows the younger Jennifer Love Hewitt.
   Max Conners seduces her victim and marries him after which she is certain to find her husband in an inexcusable situation with her daughter Page (Hewitt). The victim always ends up paying prodigiously for his mistake and losing a wife.
   For their next scam the women go to Palm Beach, but while Max is working on seducing a new victim, Page breaks an unwritten rule: she falls in love, even worse, she falls in love with a prospective victim.
   Unfortunately, the story gradually becomes less focused, and it does have a few loose ends.

Directed by:
David Mirkin

Written by:
Robert Dunn, Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur.

Sigourney WeaverMax Conners
Jennifer Love HewittPage Conners
Ray LiottaDean Cumanno
Jason LeeJack Withrowe
Jeffrey JonesMr Appel
Gene HackmanWilliam B. Tensy
Anne BancroftGloria Vogal / Barbara
Nora DunnMiss Madress
Ricky JayDawson's auctioneer
Michael HitchcockDavis
Carrie FisherMs Surpin


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