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Original title:
The Thomas Crown Affair

Made in:
USA 1999

108 min.

on DVD 27-12-2001

Review read:
88724 times

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The Thomas Crown Affair

The Thomas Crown Affair is a slightly superfluous remake of the 1968 film, which is nothing more than a stylish thriller. The filmmakers have obviously made some changes in the storyline, but still...
   Thomas Crown is the handsome and elegant owner of a business empire, but the business world appears to be empty of more challenges, so in his sparetime he plans and carries out a brilliant theft. The booty is a priceless Monet painting, so of course the police are eager to find the thief. So is the insurance company represented by a detective, the attractive Catherine Banning, who will assist the police. She is the first to suspect Crown.
   The billionaire and the detective are made of the same stuff: they love suspense and they don't trust anyone but themselves, but what will happen if they fall in love with their opponent?
   The Thomas Crown Affair is slick entertainment, but the detailed descriptions of wealth and how the young, rich and beautiful pass the time are tiresome.

Directed by:
John McTiernan

Written by:
Leslie Dixon and Kurt Wimmer from a story by Alan R. Trustman.

Pierce BrosnanThomas Crown
Rene RussoCatherine Banning
Denis LearyDetective Michael McCann
Ben GazzaraAndrew Wallace
Frankie FaisonDetective Paretti
Mark MargolisKnutzhorn
Faye DunawayPsykiatrist


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